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  • Assorted Creams


    I’ve learned that you can’t sell chocolate without trying your hand at making creams! I’m a picky chocolate eater and I promise to keep all the gross, yucky creams out of my store! We’ve perfected a homemade series of truly scrumptious creams that come with my seal of approval! Orange, Hazelnut, pineapple, vanilla, peppermint, raspberry….and a blueberry cream in the works…..give them a try- if you don’t love them, you can always give them to grandma!

  • Assorted Chocolate


    Our assorted chocolate box is the perfect mix of all of our favorites! It’s more of a showcase of our talents. This beautiful box of handmade creativity is constantly changing and evolving with our mood and level of creativity. Sure, there are always the traditional assorted elements….nuts, coconut, raisin, cherry, caramels but as we find new ways to be creative, those creative notes end up within our showcase assortment! How about a hazelnut cream with real hazelnuts? Or an attempt at a butterfinger? How about an Oreo dipped in chocolate? Who said that an assorted box of chocolates had to be boring!

  • Assorted Jellies


    Don’t knock um’ till you’ve tried um…that’s what I’ve learned. Making jellies was way low on my list, then when I tried to make them and finally dipped them in our delicious chocolate. I learned that they are really not that bad!! Made from real fruit and some of the best oils that I could source, these jellies are mouth wateringly delicious! Orange, raspberry and blueberry are our 3 most popular jellies. Soft and jelly-like these jellies are sure to pack a flavorful punch and please the jelly lover in you!

  • Assorted Milk Chocolates


    Our assorted milk chocolate box offers a variety of our milk chocolate products.

  • Assorted Nuts


    This assortment is perfect for people who love nuts!! Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts and Pecan Turtles!!!