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  • Almonds


    Our hand dipped almond clusters will win over any almond lover! Richly toasted almonds, the perfect amount of salt and a touch of our intensely flavorful chocolate all hand dipped into a drop of almond perfection!

  • Brazil Nuts


    We take some of the freshest, most tender Brazil nuts and cover them in luscious chocolate….enjoy!

  • Cashews


    We use the freshest roasted nuts that we can get our hands on! These cashews have the perfect amount of roasting and salt to bring out the best of cashew flavors, dropped into a warm batch of our chocolate and you have the perfect cashew cluster!

  • Peanuts


    Simple and perfect. Lightly roasted peanuts and salt are combined with our signature chocolate blend to enhance the perfect peanut taste. Crunchy peanuts and chocolate make this candy the perfect treat! Try them in Dark chocolate for a twist on a classic milk chocolate treat.

  • Pecan Turtles


    These turtles are absolutely one of a kind! Hand crafted individually, each one truly has its own personality. These turtles have the perfect blend of creamy caramel, sweet pecans and our unique blend of signature chocolate. You will not be able to eat “just one”!

  • Pecans


    The sweet taste of fresh pecans in chocolate is one of the simple pleasures of a chocolate makers day. Fresh pecans and our classic chocolate taste make for a very tasty piece of chocolate…try one, you will not be disappointed! If you are up for a challenge and love creamy, chewy caramel, try a turtle!

  • Walnuts


    Chocolate and walnuts are a sure crowd pleaser! Fresh walnuts and our signature chocolate make for a delicious chocolate!