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  • Almond Bark


    Our almond bark is sure to please! Richly toasted almonds nestled within our special blend of either milk or dark chocolate make this a bark worthy of your bite!

  • Cherry Cordials


    We hand roll each cherry cordial…no crazy machines here! The more that we roll each cherry, the more cherry juice incorporated into that cordial! We cover the clocks when we make these cherries, nothing but the best clear liquid cherry juice and a cherry within the centers of these handmade gems!

  • Coconut Cups


    Do you love coconut? You’ve found the perfect chocolate creation for you! Fresh sweetened coconut lovingly incorporated into our milk or dark chocolate makes for the perfect blend of coco-nutty perfection!

  • Coconut Marshmallow Cups


    These tasty chocolate creations were modeled after a “Mallow-Cup”. After mixing coconut with our chocolate, we incorporate a pocket of marshmallow cream into the center of each piece…this sure is a wonderfully delicious treat!

  • Nonpareils


    Hands down…these are the coolest things that I make! The possibilities are endless, and the little nonpareil beads? EVERYWHERE! I love to change up the colors with the seasons. The shape is traditionally round, like a button. Sometimes a button will do, but for holidays like valentines day, why not have hearts?! Or little eggs for Easter! Need them a special color, or shape? Give Val a call, we can do anything!

  • Peanut Butter Cups


    A true favorite, peanut butter and chocolate. There is probably no way to make this combination any better! Simple, creamy peanut butter and our signature chocolate makes this combination a sure addiction!

  • Pretzel Twists


    Simple and salty our pretzel twists are a true classic. The crunchy taste of pretzel with salt and our signature chocolate make chocolate covered pretzels a favorite with everyone!

  • Raisins


    Who knew that adding raisins to chocolate would make raisins fun to eat? Fresh, plump raisins and our signature blend of chocolate make chocolate covered raisin clusters a very tasty treat.