Easter Items

Long Eared Bunny w/ egg

This solid 1# bunny has long ears and is holding an easter egg.  6.5’’ tall, $23.00DSCI0050.JPG

Some are being made hollow, they are around  5.3 oz or $8.00

DSCI0173.JPGThis tall bunny is made hollow and can be filled with toys!  Inquire with Val about all the crazy details!!

For a chance to win a free one, stop by our retail store to enter the drawing, or go to Bogacz country market to donate to Make-A-Wish and enter the drawing!!

DSCI0051.JPGBrother and Sister Bunnies

These cute little rabbits are hollow and are 10.5’’ tall, $18-$20 each. They are dusted with an edible color to add to the fun!

DSCI0048.JPGDaniel Bunny on a tractor

This bunny on a tractor is hollow and depending on the weight  runs from $9.00- $15.00.  This little farmer buDSCI0130.JPGnny is about 5’’x5.5’’ longThis motorcycle bunny  has a baby bunny on the front of the motorcycle with him… 5.5×6’’ tall, 12 oz, $17.50


DSCI0137.JPGTall bunny with basket “Chloe Bunny” This 5.5’’ tall bunny is standing behind a basket filled with fruity jelly beans

$9.00 ea

DSCI0044.JPGPeter Rabbit, 9 oz, 5’’ tall ,  $13.25 ea
DSCI0058.JPGFloppy Eared Bunny (Jadyn bunny) 3.25’’ tall, 2.7 oz $3.90ea
DSCI0147.JPGThis tall bunny has a bow around his neck…. He is 8 oz and 8’’ tall.  $13.50

DSCI0203.JPGThis 1# bunny is sitting on a stump with a jellybean basket in his lap.  He is 9’’ tall, 16 oz.$23.00

DSCI0197.JPGLarge, Medium or small sitting bunny

We have 3 sizes of these cute sitting bunnies….

Large (Alex Bunny)- 8’’ tall; 16 0z….$23.00

Medium (Cowan bunny)-51/4’’ tall, 4.8 0z…..$7.00

Small (baby bunny)-3’’ tall, 1.4 0z….$2.07


No picture of Grace Bunny….Grace bunny

Grace bunny is one spunky little rabbit!

Feet in the air and holding a carrot… 4.5’’ tall, 4.3 oz….$4.50 ea.DSCI0141.JPGCross 2.4 0z , $3.50 ea

DSCI0121.JPGSmall chocolate basket filled with fruity jelly beans $4.00 ea

DSCI0138.JPGCoconut nest with peanut M&M’s or Crunch (w/ rice krispies)nest. By weight, around $4.00 ea
DSCI0063.JPGSolid chocolate half eggs, foil wrapped in festive Easter colors! $23.00/#

DSCI0168.JPGChocolate basket filled with assorted chocolates $22.00
DSCI0164.JPGKamden Ducky 4 oz, $6.30 ea
DSCI0153.JPGLamb 3.8 0z, $5.50 ea
DSCI0143.JPGNot so speckled hens 5.7 0z, $8.25 each
DSCI0160.JPGElyssa Chick 2 oz. $3.50
DSCI0216.JPGDinosaur eggs White chocolate dusted with cocoa powder , filled with gummy dinosaurs!!!

Crack one open today!

$4.99 ea

Girl version of the dinosaur eggs is being worked on as I type this!

Crack one open today!

$4.99 ea