We aim to make fundraising fun and profitable for your group or organization.  Our unique chocolates can be customized to fit your sales audience, season, or specific tastes!

We offer a 15% discount for fundraising and wholesale opportunities.

Call Valerie at 724-352-4840 or e-mail us at for more details.

We can set up a timeline and customize one of our chocolate creations specific to your needs!

Wholesale opportunities exist for selling Speckled Hen Chocolates in bulk. We strive for high quality, impeccably perfect chocolate….Due to the nature of chocolate and rigorous conditions that chocolate must be stored in,  not all facilities and situations are suitable for wholesaling our chocolates.  Call to discuss your unique retail situation with us!

Corporate Gifts:
Let us help you to promote your business with high quality, intensely flavorful chocolate.  Our attention to detail and unique tasting chocolate will delight your customers. Fundraisor

We enjoy bringing satisfaction to you, your company and your customers through high quality gift giving with things like custom made boxes of chocolates, “thank you baskets”, edible chocolate business cards, chocolate molded specifically to your business or trade (ie. chocolate scissors, cars, airplanes and animals).  Call Valerie at 724-352-4840 or e-mail at to discuss options and timelines for gifts that will have your customers coming back for more!